More About Me
Hatsumi Campbell was born in Osaka, Japan and moved to Hawaii in 1995. In 2002, she founded and operated Leilani Wedding Company, providing boutique Japanese and international weddings with an emphasis on authentic Hawaiian traditions and personalized service. Hatsumi helped over 400 couples celebrate their special wedding experiences in Hawaii.
Hatsumis business experience with luxury sales and international weddings has prepared her well for her new career as a REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® with LIST Sothebys International Realty, with a focus on luxury real estate in Hawaii.
Hatsumi started a seminar called First time home in Hawaii for Japanese buyers. The seminars help Japanese buyers to understand the Hawaii real estate system which is totally different than Japans. Hatsumi loves the adventure, challenges, and romance of perfectly matching the seller and buyer with the home of their dreams in Hawaii.
"Real estate is much like the wedding process. You meet the house of your dreams, fall in love, and make a commitment your realtor is your wedding planner!"
Known for being friendly, positive, outgoing, and service oriented, Hatsumi is exceptionally hard working, a quick learner and creative problem solver - all important characteristics for a REALTOR in an ever changing, dynamic market.
Hatsumi maintains a popular blog about real estate and her unique perspective on the Japanese woman living in Hawaii. Over 2,000 Japanese language readers read her blog daily!
Hatsumi is a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. She is actively involved in the ministry of Olivet Baptist Church and Shufu Society of Hawaii, a non- profit organization.


Japanese, English